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Can we secure images so people can't copy/save them?

  1. danielleeastman

    Hello! Is it possible to secure photos so that people can't drag/copy/save them from my blog to their own computer? I'd like to have an online 'gallery' of works, but I don't want people to be able to freely use the images. Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No. If someone really wants the images they can take them just as they can at flickr / smugmug etc. Simple fact is that if you want people so see them then they can take them. But most people would not - just like you do not.

  3. danielleeastman

    Ok, thanks! :)

  4. niabliss,
    Although it is impossible to prevent image theft altogether, we can surely make it hard.

    You can convert your images as .swf files OR put your images into a Flash slide show that prevents people to drag/copy/save them from your blog to their own computers - unless they are using the printscreen technique or a program to extract Flash files from a blog.

  5. danielleeastman

    thanks so much for the tips! I will check them out. :)

  6. The best way to protect your pictures is to use an image editor to add a watermark, that way if someone does take your images it will still have your name/link on it.

  7. If you are indeed posting images as images, besides watermarking, ensure small size and low resolution uploads. These tips should never be ignored by someone who wants to post images online but do NOT want others to copy and use the images. We can't stop someone from copying, but we can make the images "unusable".

    Also I highly recommend adding an appropriate Creative Commons license in your blog. Tell your viewers how you feel about copying, don't leave it up to them to guess it.

    Also register your blog at Myfreecopyright. The site sends you an email that contains the ownership information of your post - each time you post.

  8. danielleeastman

    Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate your help!!!

  9. Trouble with watermarks, is some potential clients such as Galleries don't like them. Or so I've read on Art business sites!

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