Can WordPress be used tocreate an official website for an Author, and Artisan?

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    I have an unattached domain name with and I’m looking for options when it comes to creating my first official website as an Author, and Artisan. After much blogging, and networking I’ve established a small community of fans that range somewhere near 1500 unique people, and that number is swiftly rising. Due to this I figured it would be about time I create my own official website since I’m getting to be a bit of a celebrity, and my fans would probably love to have a page where they could go and explore everything about me, my work, my endeavors, and my current projects. Considering I’ve done all this without the use of an agent I’m kind of on my own when it comes to making the website. Currently I host the blog, Artist on the Mountian with, but I was wondering if WordPress had any options to make my new site seem more like a portfolio and celebrity page rather than a blog. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Carla VanKoughnett
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


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    This is a technical forum so here are a some technical changes to consider:

    Look professional:

    Change theme:

    Static front page (some folks like this, but it may not be great for SEO):

    and finally this:

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