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Can blog support upload images ?

  1. Can blog support upload images ?

  2. Yes.

    When you're writing a post look just below the write window.

    There's an option for image upload there.



  3. FAQ on uploading pictures.

  4. alternatively use Performancing, a firefox extension. Upload your image to While viewing the image in firefox, drag it into the edit- or compose area of performancing. WYSIWYG editing is great.

  5. I wish resizing didn't take so long. I go to sites and they freaking have images larger than 1200 - 1500, on thumbnail. WTF?? I like mine the most 500 - 550. And some fools have images on their sites larger than 600 without the thumbnail.

  6. *chuckle* Reminds me of this thread and a recent discussion we just had.

  7. With all the pictures I have on my site, on thumbnail, would it still be hard for people to visit my site who have dial up? I don't want to drive people away. Plus I also have it set that it's 10 posts per page. But I still post alot of pictures sometimes.

    But why do they put such large images on thumbnails? Even sometimes pictures over 3,000. What is the point of that? Who cares about HQ. Damn!

  8. Nosysnoop, I was going to suggest this site for you to check but, for some reason, they pull up every single graphic for the headers, even the ones they are not using and that throws off the results.

    Loads find and quick for me but I'm on a big pipe here.

  9. I'm screwed. UGH! How do we optimize images? I think it was Podz that gave a link last time but the link that the page gave didn't work. Is it easy and free and quick? Because I heard we can have the same two images but if it's optimized, then the picture will load quicker. And pictures are a big part of my site and for most celebrity sites.

  10. Nosysnoop, normally I would suggest using WP as your storage site as it would create thumbnails for you but since you do so many of them, the space would probably run out on you after awhile. (Didn't we have this discussion?)

    If you have some method of creating a smaller thumbnail, it might be better. I wouldn't get too small though since I'm sure your visitors are wanting to look at the *cough* details of your pictures. :)

    You might even want to try going down from 10 posts on each page to 8. That would be Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Blog Pages -> Show at most.

    Hope this helps,

  11. I was thinking of maybe going down to 5 posts. Details? So you saw the pictures of Paul McCartney's wife? lol

  12. I think 5 would be too small of a number for your type of content.

    I don't know how many of your visitors click thru to your second page and there's really no way to tell with our current stat setup.

    We could drop a hidden picture into one of your posts on the second and third pages from my site to see how often they pull if you want.

  13. Well, the regular visitors to my site that visit everyday I assume read the entire days worth of posts. When I go to other celebrity sites, I check the entire day up until the previous day's story where I left off. So I assume that's what everyone else does.

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