Can blogs have dofollow in their comments?

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    I know there are a ton of plug ins for wordpress but those are for blogs hosted by people…is there a plugin or can blogs have dofollow comments?



    Sorry, no. Allowing that would encourage spam and provide no real benefit.


    I would dare to say that if we could, we’d already have it…..


    Well askimet does a great job of catching spam….I was just hoping because blogs at blogspot can have dofollow comments and i think wordpress is losing out because of this! In fact i have been spending most of my blogging time on


    I link my comments all the time. Just think it makes things more interactive and funny. Like funny pictures which correlate with things people said. But, I’ve never seen a reason to make it a follow. That just seems to leave a door open for all kinds of abuse, IMHO.


    Well if i moderate it 100% then where is the harm? I want to give people incentive to read my blog!



    Thomas, your readers already have an incentive to read and comment on your blog. They get a link to their blog (if they choose to provide one). That link works normally, other readers can click on it to reach their blog.

    A single dofollowed link in a real comment has essentially no effect on search engine rankings. The only way to get any real effect is to spam. Dofollow links advantage spammers only, while providing no real benefit to anyone else.

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