Can you add a Captcha option for those that leave comments?

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    I am getting spammed with comments from bots everyday. I’m very glad that your filter is catching them all, but incorporating the option for blog admins to add another step in the comment post process (such as the Captcha system that verifies the commenter is a human) would eliminate the problem all together.

    The blog I need help with is



    captcha can be beat by bots and I as well as several other folks skip captcha blogs and never comment on those blogs – too much hassle and with my smart phone captchas suck even worse



    I also dislike the captcha plugins. It really sucks commenting with captcha all the time.



    Right. But what I am asking for is the “option” to add a Captcha plugin. With the amount of time some people spend deleting spam comments, they might like adding a Captcha (or some other similar plugin to reduce/eliminate spam).



    There is no FTP access and no blogger installed plugin capability on any free hosted blogs.

    See here for a full comparison vs.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase here that provides FTP access and the ability to install plugins and or any third party themes.



    The vast and overwhelming majority of all so-called information on the internet is spam. Over 80% of all so-called comments submitted to blogs every day are spam. Spam comes in waves. There are human beings who get paid to post spam. There are robotic programs that post spam.

    There is no such thing as eliminating all spam but Akismet works very well. For more information please take the time to read “5 things every blogger should know about spam” on this page Akismet: How it works

    Note that the worst of all spam containing malware and viruses is not sent to us bloggers because if it were opened it would take down many blogs. Aksimet is a learning engine. If you get spam that slips by Akismet then mark it as spam (do not delete it) and over time Akismet will learn it’s spam.

    On the spam that Akismet catches on it takes only seconds to click “empty spam” and you don’t even have to click “empty spam” if you don’t want to. Akismet will maintain comments it has caught for 30 days from the time they were received, and then it will delete the comment automatically.

    Set up comment moderation, if you have not already done so, because allowing anonymous commenting on your blog is like putting out the welcome mat for spammers.

    This page > Settings > Discussion is where you set up defaults for comments.

    I reduce spam by using this setting:

    3. Automatically close comments on articles older than __ days – This setting can be used to have comments closed on articles that are X days old. As an example, if you only want articles to accept comments for 30 days you would check the box and type 30 into the text field.

    And I moderate comments too. Comment moderation

    Discussion Settings
    Other comment settings
    _Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
    _Users must be registered and logged in to comment



    Lastly, CAPTCHa is not as effective as Akismet. I’m visually challenged and here is my 10 point case against CAPTCHA use

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