Can you add a custom form to an e-mail icon?

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    I am attempting to add an e-mail icon to my About page in an effort to better communicate with my followers. After reading several WordPress documents, I think it might be best to forgo my actual e-mail address and use a custom form instead. Is there a way to add the custom form to the e-mail icon I have on my About page rather than always having the custom form visible to everyone that views that particular page? I attempted to try it by adding the HTML code for the custom form into the image link, but it didn’t work. Any ideas???

    Here is a link to my About page:

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is



    The code for a contact form has to be used in a Page or Post. If the theme you are using supports a Custom Menu, you can simply make your contact form a child page of the About page (or any page) and not link to it anywhere else but from that icon.

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