Can you add a customizeable contact form to a page?

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    I’m looking for the possibility to add a contact form with customizeable fields to a page. Can this be done and if so how?


    No, forms are not allowed here due to security concerns. You will either have to host the form somewhere else, or use the contact form that wordpress provides: . When using the contact form code, put it in while in the HTML tab in the page editor. Putting it into the visual editor is problematic although it is not supposed to be.

    You might try googling “online form” or something similar. I remember a while ago finding a few that would host the form for you and then you could collect the data from them. You would then just link to your form on their site.


    Hiya, not sure if this answers also my question which is: I want to embed the code for a signup form which is running in another application together with my database. If I interpret the above correct I can’t do this, ja?


    Forms HTML is not allowed. You can host the form somewhere else and then link to it, but you cannot put a form into your blog. As I remember there are some places that will host forms for you and then either email the information to you or you can collect it online at their site.

    Search the internet for something like “free form hosting” and you should find a solution.



    That is correct: you can’t do this. If it were on a page hosted externally to you could link to it though.

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