*Can* you add an image to a comment?

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    Maybe I’m just dense but…When I’m editing comments, the img button appears, yet defies all my attempts to insert a link to an image in a comment. I’m using the Freshy theme, if that helps.

    I click on the img button and paste in the URL, but it doesn’t show up. TIA!



    Maybe this is a “no-can do” that is designed to keep us safe from weirdos posting links to porno or whatever in comment boxes.


    Well, the img option doesn’t appear externally where visitors could see/use it; it’s only when you edit a comment from within the dashboard that the option appears. I see the code editor (not the visual rich one).



    Even if you use the <img src="some link to picture" /> tag while editing a comment from the dashboard, it gets stripped out. It’s probably better that it does, otherwise if lots of pictures get posted in comments, the post/article would take a long time to display.



    I don’t see it in the acceptable list of tags for the regular version of WPMu:


    Followed by the next thirty lines.

    I’d say no.


    Okey-doke, thanks. Now I know. :)

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