Can you add the .psd image format, please?

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    I set up my blog posts in Word 2007. Unfortunately, many images were directly inserted and edited in the posts with no other copies of the images. I just figured that Photoshop’s popularity would cover them. I didn’t realize WordPress didn’t accept .psd files. Now I’m in a quandary, as some of my image intensive blogs, are useless. The text, which works well on WordPress, is pointless without the images. Now what? Would you possibly consider adding the .psd fiormat to the images formats? Thank you for your attention.
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    I can pass this on for consideration, but to be honest I’m not sure if it would make the cut.

    Folks would need Photoshop installed to view the images in the first place, so it would be better use a more general format, like .jpg or .png .


    WOW! After your prompt reply I did some Googling. I found the workaround solution! It’s actually very simple, and it worked on my Word 2007 images.There are workarounds for the other versions too! I’m passing this along. I hope it helps. I was really concerned. Here’s the link:

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