Can you assign a "Reader Only" role to a user in Private Blog

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    What if you want to invite a bunch of users to view or “read only” in a privage blog. I don’t see an option for that. It looks like you must allow all users to be contributors at minimum. Is there a way to set permissions so users can have “read only” privileges? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    No I’m sorry but these roles that are possible to assign are the ones found here and Contributor’s can post, but that’s subject to review and approval by a Admin. This may be workable for you. See here please >



    Thanks, but I’m very aware of that support page. It would be really useful it they would add a read-only role to the permission options, because there are some users that you may not want to be able to contribute. And for those, you don’t want to have to be deleting their contributions continuously — that wastes their time and yours and can create consternation if they have the expectation that they were invited to contribute when you really intended that they should just be readers and not contributors. It seems like that should be an obvious option to make available to blog owners.

    If you go ahead and get your own website, can WordPress be configured to have a read-only role for users?

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