Can you assign a specific image header to a menu header

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    Can you assign a specific image header to a specific menu header.

    i.e click on the menu header and when you go into that page the header you desire is displayed at the top in the header image section

    The blog I need help with is


    The Twenty Ten and Twenty Twelve themes have featured header images built in. For other themes, you would need to add specific CSS for each page where you wanted a unique custom header image to appear.

    If you’d like help with the CSS, can you upload one of the alternate header images to your media library and then reply back with the link as well as the link to the page where you’re trying to change out the header image?


    Hi design simply.

    Yes I thought I would need to code for it. If you can give me the code for one link I am sure I will be able to link others pic’s myself.

    Media link

    Page link

    Also am I able to add css code so that I can sit text over the image. Like the header option where you can have header image and also header text displayed over the top. Am wanting to text to be on the left hand side


    Here’s one way to do it:

    .page-id-8 #header {
    	padding-bottom: 255px;
    	background: url('') 0 100% no-repeat;

    Note that you can adjust the padding value to move the image down further.

    Also, the “.page-id-8” part of the selector means that the CSS example above will just affect the CSS on the page only. To find “.page-id-8”, I viewed the page source and looked at the the “body” tag for that page.

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