Can you change the size of gallery images?

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    I love the new gallery features in WordPress – they look very neat however it seems that when you create a gallery with say 4 images in it, you cant then change the size of that gallery.

    I have noticed that when the gallery is inputted you have the boxes in each corner indicating that you can simply drag it to the desired size however when I try it doesn’t do this.

    Is there any way I can alter the size?

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m not sure that I’ve understood exactly what you mean, but perhapse this might help.

    What you could do: insert a gallery in a post/page as you would usually do. Leave everything as it is (thumbnail grid gallery type) and take let’s say 2 columns.

    Then click on the “text” tab in the post/page editor, and you’ll see a code that will look like [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="xx, xy, xz,"]

    After columns=”2″, you insert size=”medium” (or size=”large”, size=”thumbnail” or size=”full”) depending on what you want.

    Size will also depend on your theme width. And you might also have to alter the number of columns, depending on the image size you want (full size images and 6 columns won’t work of course). To display your images of that gallery in max. size, you’ll have: columns=”1″ size=”full”.

    Also make sure that you have the “image carousel” enabled in your media settings.

    Hope this helped a bit.



    Adding the “size ” and “column” parameters to the shortcode will only work with the default thumbnail (sic) gallery. It will not work with any of the newer mosaic/tile styles.



    And you may want to read this as well: particularly “Can my Gallery thumbnail images be bigger?”

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