Can you creae different pages and post within them?

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    Basically what I want to do is to have sections, like books…movies…etc. And then I want to be able to go into thos sections and make new posts. So, under books each day I might create a new book post. Make sense? Seems like it should be easy.

    The blog I need help with is



    No I’m sorry but that is not the way static pages operate. Please read this entry to gain an understanding of the differences between static pages and posts.


    The way that you sort or organize posts in a blog is by using categories. You create appropriate categories and then assign them to posts as required. Your visitors can then click on the categories in the categories widget to get a listing of only the posts in a particular category.

    As far as writing books, you might take a look at this: .


    With some themes here, you can use a trick to put links to categories in the top navigation tabs, and it works in the theme you are using: . This trick does not work in all themes here. The themes it works in are in the left column of the blog post.

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    I am also looking for the functionality that bombetta is asking for. There seems to be a general demand for it. I understand the difference between pages and posts so please don’t tell me to go read that. Obviously there is no functionality for that at present but is it not possible to approach it differently?

    For example – each page generates posts from a different blog? But all pages are under one, mother blog…

    Basically – can you not view more other blogs under one blog…almost like a syndicate blog but with the viewing options outlined above.

    Hope that makes sense.


    Or…for that matter – why isn’t it possible for categories to simply show the whole posts?

    Or…make a new kind of option that straddles the line between category and page? Simply be able to have pages other than the home page where one can post.

    Not sure why these options aren’t available…are they available with .org?



    I originally had the same question when I started my blog ( two months ago. I post new segments on my Pages regularly but what I do is I prepare the new post in a page I call test which I save as Draft and when I want it to appear on a main Page, I copy it and paste it on top of what I’ve already written on that Page. After a month of doing so my Pages became very long so what I did was create sup-pages for each Page (there is this option where you create a new page and name an existing page as its ‘parent’). For example, yesterday I created September archive sub-pages for all my main Pages where I copied all my September posts which I then deleted from the main Pages. The Pages and sub-pages are shown in the Pages widget on the right sidebar. I’m sorry I had to explain in such detail but my blog is in Greek so maybe it wouldn’t have made sense to you. I’m quite happy with this arrangement but there is one problem. The comments that appear at the bottom of each main Page stay at the main Page (they don’t move to the sub-pages naturally) so I have comments on old articles that are not there any more. Well, you can’t have it all…. Hope this helped…



    You might wonder why I prepare a page and save it as draft and then copy-paste it and not write on the main Page itself. It’s because if you edit a Page and you schedule it so that it appears later (as you do with a new post) the Page disappears from the blog and appears as when the time that you’ve scheduled it for comes…. You don’t want that!



    Categories are very powerful and will do a fine job of separating posts. People do it all the time. Whether a theme shows the full post, an excerpt, or just the title on categories pages was the theme designer’s choice. It is theme specific. This blog post by Panos lists which themes here show excerpts, full posts or just titles in categories, tags and archives pages: .

    There is also a trick that can be used to have links to the categories pages in the top navigation, but again, it is theme specific. Some themes will do it and some will not. Do note thought that if you are using a theme without top navigation, this trick will work in the pages widget for ALL themes.

    They are not available with .ORG. You have to use the same methods I’ve mentioned above unless you have a very thorough understanding of PHP script. There are a few plugins out there, but in my testing they can be quite finicky. Most basically just automate the process of using categories to simulate multiple blogs.

    Even Joomla, a high-powered CMS package uses sections and categories to list posts separately.

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