Can you create a website similar to or trip advisor?

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    I am wondering if a website can be created that would allow multiple people to add content (100 possibly) under certain headings (pages) so that when the website is finished that a simple search can be done to find the content within the website that you are either looking for or the page that you need so you can edit/add more content to that page? For example I am wanting to create a travel review website for approx 100 travel agents whereby every agent would be able to access the website via password and write their reviews of hotels, airlines, cruises, etc that they have either viewed themselves or their clients sent them a review of their holiday. This way the 100 agents would be able to share information within the company with trusted reviews and comments to help each other out. I would need to create pages for each destination and then each agent would go in and add a review of that hotel if they had stayed their in the past. Then if another agent was unfamiliar with that hotel they could go to the website and search for the hotel name and it would come up with the comments that were added by the other agents within the company. This would work the same way with cruise lines, tours, etc. It would have to be easily edited . Is this doable?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not for free, no. To develop this, unless you yourself have the WordPress development skills, you are looking at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, minimum.


    what else can be done is write a diary page of ur clients and list them according to dates visited or make a poll page for ur client list or hotel list etc..

    i hope further idea of sharing honest unbiased comments are novelty now…

    thanks for appreciation if any…

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