Can you delete blog content?

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    I want to create a static front page with an existing domain name instead of “” Where do I indicate that in the set up?
    I chose Manifest as a template, but only got simple “add photo/text” boxes. Where is the window w/all the create/edit tools to actually layout the page?
    Right now, I’d like to delete all my content on my “blog” because it is not set up correctly. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is


    Manifest is a great, simply theme but doesn’t have very many options. Perhaps a different theme would suit you better?

    If you want to delete your content, go to your Dashboard and then go to Posts > All Posts.

    From there you can use the check boxes and the bulk action feature to delete all of you content.

    If you go to Store > Domains in your Dashboard and enter the domain name you want to use, it will walk you through the process. (Note: This is a premium feature.)


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