Can you edit an RSS feed after it is posted?

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    I am using the RSS feed to post my podcasts. If I change the podcast and change the name in WordPress and plesk but it stays the same as the old name in the RSS feed. I would like to edit the RSS feed so that it “feeds” the “new” podcast, which is actually an edited version. I am not talking about new podcasts here, I am talking about the rare occasion where I need to change a podcast, by editing something. The people who “subscribe” end up getting the old podcast.



    I think you can use a service like Pingoat to update your RSS feed. Am not really sure.. :(



    Well, if you’re using Plesk, than I know you’re not hosted here for the blog you’re talking about. You need to be over at as that would be the downloadable version of the software, not the one in use here.

    But to answer the question, it would depend on where these folks are subscribing to the feed. If it’s directly from your blog, they should be seeing the updated version. if they’re pulling from a service like Feedburner, then they’re going to get a cached version of when the post was first made.

    Pingoat wouldn’t help in this case. All that does is tell other services that you’ve made a post and to get the information directly from the blog.

    best bet in this case would be to make a new post actually and delete the old one. that way they see both posts. In the second post, I would state that there was an issue with the first release. Most folks are going to see both posts when they pull the RSS anyway and should see the reissue.

    hope this helps,

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