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Can you email a draft instead of email a published post?

  1. The writer for the blog has dial-up, making it time-consuming to use the site. He'd like the option of emailing drafts to the blog site so I can proofread them before they're published. Any way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Would this suit? Post by Email is a way of publishing posts on your blog by email. Any email client can be used to send the email ...

  3. They can use a program like Windows Live Writer if they have a PC and write it on their PC then upload it. There are also a couple of programs for a Mac but I am sorry I forget the link and name now.

  4. I think you're confusing my question with publishing a post by email. I mean: how can someone email a "draft" or "new post saved as a draft" without it being published? We already can publish from his email, but then I have to go in and edit a published post because there might be an error or two.
    Just trying to see if we can eliminate a few steps in between. My suspicion is that it's not possible.

  5. Sorry, I was logged in wrong. I'm mandala56, the admin/editor of oldjules' blog.

  6. The guest authors I have on my blog email their posts to me. I proofread and edit where required and email back the copy for their approval. When we are satisfied I copy and paste the content into a post and publish it - done!

  7. I guess that's what we'll have to keep doing. Thanks.

  8. You're welcome.

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