Can You Expand The Edit Window?

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    Sometimes I’ll put images into a post I’m creating. If I want to be able to move my cursor around the images, I’m at a loss because the edit window is too narrow. Is there any way to expand the window?



    I believe you have two concerns size of the posting/editing box and defining how text wraps around images or where you place them.

    (1) We bloggers can choose to adjust how many lines are in a posting box. This done here => Options => Writing => Writing Options
    Size of the post box: ____ lines (insert number and click => Update Options to save the change.

    (2) We can also wrap text around images and we can choose to define placement to the left, center or right.

    I believe that’s the full extent of what we bloggers can do.



    If I understand the question, the answer is no, there is no way to change the width of the box.

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