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Can you have .Gif files for your banner?

  1. Hi, I have and made a .Gif file from Photoshop to put in place of the original banner. I have uploaded it, but it doesn't move (a .Gif is a moving file). So my question is, does WordPress allow .Gif's in their banners? and before you ask, yes it is a working .Gif, I have tried it at other sites.
    Thanks alot,

  2. I would suggest a feedback asking them about this. I can't see animated *.gifs here and I've not been able to get an answer out of staff on it.

  3. Actually, a .gif file is just another format. The fact that it can be animated is a bonus.

    As for the banner, there are a few people that have tried and failed, one in another thread recently.

  4. i have tried to upload a gif file into the body of one of my posts but it doesn't seem to animate once i add it and publish the post. Anyone know what else I need to do to get it to work?

  5. I've got an animated gif in the body of my blog now, and it works just fine. Also works in a sidebar widget. Can you post the URL of the gif so we can check it? Sometimes I've managed to save gifs that don't seem to work, and I have to re-save it.

  6. Rain, are they hosted here in your space or elsewhere? The uploader may be stopping animations.

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