Can you help changing my account?

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    Hey WordPress team,
    I am trying to make a page for my band and heard wordpress is a great way to do it. I made one at but it was before i saw you guys have wordpress/music. I am pretty technologically illiterate when concerning website layouts so I was looking for some assistance to make the wordpress i just made to your designed section for bands instead. I look forward to hearing from you
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    i appreciate the help but i have done that already, I want to “get started” but because my domain name already exists i cannot use it for the band page so i want to transfer the format or just delete the old one, but if i delete does that mean in 10 minutes from now i cant create example.wordpress again?



    but if i delete does that mean in 10 minutes from now i cant create example.wordpress again?

    No! Don’t do that. Blog URL deletion here is irreversible. Please note that deleted blog URLs are not recycled.


    look. i know that. you are not helping. i want to make the existing one i have into a band profile instead, but because the name is taken i cannot use the same domain name. what can i do? please do not send me a link to a page that gives me vague instructions to something i dont care about. i need actual help. where is the customer support that customers are supposed to be raving about?



    @thedanbees: howdy and welcome! I see that you have created but have not put up much content there yet. Are you new to A good way to get started is to go through our beginner tutorial:

    Great themes for music are Soundcheck and Debut. You can update your theme and browse available themes under Appearance > Themes in your Dashboard.

    The post @timethief linked above has reference to features that are most relevant for a band website, for example:

    – here is how to add a playlist:
    – here is how to list your upcoming events:
    – here is how to share your content across social networks:

    The best way to start is to begin adding content about your band, upload a few soundtracks, add photos, list your upcoming concerts. The links above give you resources for that, and if you run into any questions or difficulties along the way, post them here and I’ll be glad to help out further.

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