Can you help me design a blog?

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    I am trying to create a beautiful blog design and I have absolutely NO design talent or experience. I originally started a wonderful blog on blogspot, but want to switch it over to WordPress. Is that possible? The blog is a Christian blog, and I don\’t see any templates that deal with Christianity or religion on WP. Can you help?
    Blog url:



    Will it work for you to use a theme that allows you to use a custom background and/or header image, so you can use the image of your choice?

    Themes with custom header image option:

    Custom background themes:

    We made a video on how to choose a theme for your blog too. Please check it out and let us know if you have any question or something specific that you’re looking for in your theme.


    Thanks for your response. I am just extremely challenged in this area. My blogspot blog looks like this: It’s very rich and clear, and I added the graphic of Jesus that I wanted quite easily. I’m seeing nothing like this in WordPress, though I know (I’ve heard) WordPress is a better system. I’m just asking whether there other design templates that are as rich and bold as the blogspot template I previously used. Thank you, so much, for your patience and assistance!




    Most of our themes allow you to upload a custom header image, usually as wide as the page. In your specific situation, you might need to add to the right of your image some empty space to make your image wider without changing the aspect of the graphic itself.


    Thank you, paolal…now, how do I add empty space? I’ve selected a background and color, but I need to do better spacing. I just don’t know how. I so want to get this!



    If you have an image editing software, like Photoshop or Gimp, you can use it to add the necessary space.

    Otherwise, please send us a private support request with your image attached and we will make the modification for you.


    Here is what I have so far…as you can see, the spacing is all off.



    You are using one of the rare themes not allowing a custom header.

    What you are trying to achieve won’t be done easily on this theme.

    If you want to reach a similar aspect than the blog you linked above, I would suggest using a different theme.

    Bueno could be a good choice.


    paolal…how do I send a private support request? Yes, you’re actually helping me take baby steps with this whole thing. I’m forever grateful!



    Please go to this page: and select “Private” at the bottom of the form.

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