Can you help me finalize an import from Xanga??

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    I am trying to import my blog from Xanga, and it has been several days since it said it was processing the import. Saturday the 19th I attempted this, and still I have not received any email saying the import was a success.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up and they will reset the importer for you. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

    See here for instructions on how to do a Xanga import

    Note that you must open the .zip export folder you get from Xanga and import ALL of the files included in the .zip folder individually.

    If you continue to have trouble with your import, please try a different browser. You might also try the WordPress importer rather than the Xanga-specific importer.



    I don’t see any current import processes on your blog at Please refer to timethief’s link about importing from Xanga, and be sure to import every .xml file individually (you cannot import the .zip folder itself). If you’re still having trouble, please let me know.


    Thanks for the tip, however, I am trying to import a blog into a “sub-blog” of catspinningtales, called growingorganically. I am currently trying to import part 3 of 4 .xml files, and my guess is that it is because of it’s size that there seems to be a stop on the import. Any help to be had in THIS situation? My husband and I attempted this on his wordpress as well, and could get no where with it. Would love any help, if this is possible!



    into a “sub-blog” of catspinningtales, called growingorganically

    What is a sub-blopg?
    What are the exact URLs involved here please?



    I created the blog FROM the catspinningtales blog. I am probably more confused than you are! The actual site is
    Does that make sense??



    To clarify: you exported the content from and imported into

    If so, I’m not sure how Xanga is involved.

    At any rate, I’ve cleared the import and you can try the process again at any time.


    Thank you. I have just made another attempt at importing the blog from Xanga, part 3 of 4 .xml files. I didn’t do anything differently than before, but am hoping for a better transfer. The first two .xml files came through just fine. Like I said before, it may just be the size that is stopping the transfer. Not sure how to change THAT, though.



    Okay, so are you importing your Xanga files directly into

    Not sure how catspittingtales fit into this whole thing. :)

    Sometimes there’s a timeout or other issue with the connection, so we need to reset them. If the import doesn’t complete and clear out within the hour (Xanga files are usually pretty small and quick), just let me know.


    Sigh. Again, it seems to be tripping up along the way. It is still in the process of importing…



    I’ve reset the import. You’re welcome to give it a try again.

    Please let me know how it goes.


    No luck yet again. Perhaps I should try importing it without all the images? There are over one thousand!



    It could be that your import is timing out because of the image links. I see over 1600 images in your media library now – are they coming in with the import?

    I’ve reset the importer again. How many more xanga .xml files do you still need to import?


    It is the third .xml file that keeps getting caught up. I have just one more after that.
    So you think I should try it again, and delete permanently all those images before doing so?



    You shouldn’t need to delete anything. Please try the import again, and if it hangs again, please let me know.

    Also, I’m a bit confused. Are your files .xml files or .txt files? From what I can see, it looks like you’re importing .txt files, but our importer will be expecting .xml files from Xanga. Did you get a .zip folder from Xanga with files inside? Are these the files you’re importing?


    Okay, so I just made another attempt. And yes, it is an .xml file that I got out of the zip folder from Xanga. It is 940 KB, which is about 300 KB less than the file I successfully imported before attempting this one. Crossing my fingers here!!


    Still nothing. Have I proved it impossible to fully import from xanga?!



    It is possible to complete a Xanga import, but sometimes there are timeouts when processing certain files and they need to be attempted a few times. You can also try the WordPress import tool rather than the Xanga one, as sometimes that works better on some files.

    If you run into issues again, just post here if the file doesn’t import within about an hour, and I’ll reset for you.


    Thanks again for all your help. It was a bit confusing, but I THINK I successfully imported part 3 of the 4 .xml files using the wordpress import tool. I then attempted to import part 4 of the files using xanga again, and it looks as though that timed out. Is it possible for you to reset it once more, so I can attempt importing through the wordpress tool this time?

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