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Can you help me get my custom design (custom font) upgrade to work properly?

  1. The Custom Design/Custom Fonts upgrade I purchased yesterday (as part of the WordPress Value Bundle) is not working properly on my website, I’ve reviewed all of your relevant support documents and opened a Forum topic on this ( One of your members, thesacredpath, has been extremely helpful, but he hasn’t been able to figure out what’s wrong either. Apparently, typekit activation is occurring on my site’s source code and custom fonts are loading, but they are not being applied anywhere on the site. As thesacredpath put it in one of his responses, “I'm seeing custom fonts loading, I'm just not seeing the applied anywhere on the site. Normally when I look at the CSS on a site, I can see where the fonts are being applied, but not in this case.”

    It hasn’t yet been 48 hours since my purchase and, if I can’t get custom fonts to work, I would like to have a refund on at least that portion of my “Value Bundle” purchase.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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  2. I can sometimes take Typekit a few minutes to update the fonts on the blog, but I don't see that directly happening on yours.

    Do you have the same problem if you switch to a different theme?

  3. I can't see custom fonts working in Comet in a test, so I think this is a theme bug. I will test and post back as soon as I have more information.

  4. I haven't tried switching themes yet. Is there a way I can do that in some kind of preview (not live) fashion, or do I need to just make the full switch? I ask, because I think it is likely to require me to make some changes to the image dimensions in the header...

  5. @designsimply - thanks, I will wait to hear what you find out!

  6. There's not a way to preview both a different theme and custom fonts at the same time, but I do think this is a bug and I reported it to our theme team for review.

  7. Hi all, I think it was indeed a problem with the Frostpress Comet theme (which I otherwise liked). I switched to the Pilcrow theme and the custom fonts seem to be working the way they are supposed to...

    I appreciate your looking into this for me and please do let me know if you find a fix or workaround for making the custom fonts work with the Comet theme.

    Thanks again,


  8. Sorry for the delay, I just want to let you know that we're still looking into this.

  9. Oh no worries at all. I have my new Pilcrow theme up and running, and the custom fonts work with it, so it does seem like the problem may have something to do with the Comet theme. In any event, I appreciate your help!

  10. This should be all fixed up now on Comet.

    Thanks for letting us know!

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