Can you help me get my gravatar working?

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    My gravatar/avatar is not showing properly. I’ve tried all the suggestions. My old one worked fine, but this one does not show. I get a weird little guy, that isn’t even the alternate that I chose. The only thing I didn’t do was clear my cache, as that sounds like it will mess up other things (unless I’m missing something), liked stored preferences, etc. I am not very tech savvy, but I’ve read through a lot of suggestions. Can you help?
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    Can you check your Gravatar rating? If your Gravatar rating is too high, it won’t be displayed.

    (You can go to to view and change your Gravatar rating.)


    Thanks! I emptied my cache today, out of frustration and it showed up… So, that apparently was the problem. Thanks so much! You guys are always so helpful! :-)


    Excellent! I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for following up here to let me know!


    Dang! It was working for a VERY short time (long enough for me to post that it was working) and now I just commented on someone’s post and got the weird little pink guy again! I’ll try the Gravatar rating suggestion and let you know. Feh.


    OK, I hit both of the links you provided and don’t think I get it. I see no way to tell if your Gravatar rating is too high, and I’m not sure I understand what that means. There is a box that shows me what my gravatar SHOULD look like on blogs that are rated G, PG, R, X… but nothing about my own rating being too high? Just as confused and stuck without a gravatar. Help Bryan!


    Sure! If you go to My Account -> Manage My Gravatars, then hover over your images, the rating will appear to the right of the image. You can click on each rating to change it.

    Also, some blogs may allow Gravatars rated higher than G, which is what you were likely seeing.

    Let me know how that works for you. :-)


    I hovered and changed the image rating (?) to G… they image is G, just a picture of me. If another blog allows higher than G, then shouldn’t your image still show? I don’t really get that. My old gravatar was just another picture… it never occurred to me that changing the picture would cause so many problems! I hate that little pink guy… :-p


    If another blog allows higher than G, then shouldn’t your image still show?

    It depends. If your image rating is R, but the blog will only allow up to PG, then it will display a default Gravatar.

    In your case, most blogs only allow G-rated Gravatars (and these forums) only allow G-rated Gravatars. Your Gravatar was previously rated PG, so it wouldn’t appear on a blog that only allows Gravatars with a G image rating.


    None of this makes sense to me. My previous gravatar, also a photo, showed up on every blog I’m on. I comment a lot and have a lot of “blog friends.” It only changed with this photo. I can’t seem to find a problem with it. As you can see, in our dialogue, the image appears for Tales From the Motherland and is fine… it did for a while yesterday on all of the comments I made… then poof, went back to the little pink guy.


    Currently, my gravatar is rated G.


    Okay, I’m happy to explain furter.

    In Settings -> Discussion, you can set a Maximum Rating which is what that particular blog will allow in terms of commenter Gravatars.

    The Maximum Rating setting is configured for each blog.

    If you changed your Gravatar rating somehow from G to PG, and a blog where you left comments had a Maximum Rating of G, then the following would occur:

    1. your Gravatar would not appear
    2. the blog would display a default Gravatar

    If you aren’t seeing your Gravatar in a comment, can you reply with the post URL so I can take a closer look?

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