Can you help me recover my blog entry and draft?

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    I was working on my blog and when I tried to save the draft, it asked if I really wanted to do that. From experience, I have hit the button before and lost everything, so I said no and hit backspace. Usually if I wait long enough, the page save the last draft for me and I check “preview” and everything is ok, but this time, it lost everything I did but the beginning basic draft. I went to previsions and it only had 5 saved pages and I needed to go back a little farther. Can you help me find the draft I need that already had two pictures in it, links to other blogs etc.? Please? Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve had that happen to me before a few times (didn’t learn from the first time). It seems to happen after I hibernate my computer, and then reawaken it. If I’ve had the post editor open, and then continue to work in it, and then press save, it comes up with “do you really want to do that?” or something similar. Then if you go back, everything is still gone. (A similar thing happens with Youtube videos after hibernation, you have to reload the page to continue watching).

    I’m sure there’s some technical reason behind it all, but I just know that to avoid this, just refresh the page, or better yet, close all wordpress tabs before hibernating, that way it won’t be an issue. Of course, you could use an offline-editor to write you posts, so you’ll always have a copy on your own computer. See here for more information:

    If this isn’t relevant to what happened to you, sorry. But I know from experience that when that page comes up, I don’t think there’s a way to find it again. The revision wasn’t saved, so it doesn’t really exist. Sorry.



    There are a hundred or more threads on this bug, unfortunately, and some of what you see on the tag might be relevant:

    For now, ALWAYS create the new post from the dashboard New Post page, never ever using the New Post button on the grey Admin bar. And if you tend to write very long posts, use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer.



    Thanks for the help and your right, that’s just what happened. I tend to write and then get up and do things sometimes, coming back and try to save my draft because I forgot or going to bed and putting my pc in hibernation. I will try to remember to save draft more often and close it down at night. Just an old habit.

    I do always use the dashboard through New Post when I write and I will look into an offline editor or program I can write it in and then transfer it to my blog, or however they work. Thank you both for the help. I’ve already begun to just fix the “new blog entry,” trying to remember what I had written before. Grrrrrrr. I really should know better, but when it said it saved at least 25 revisions, I thought I may be able to find it, but it only had 5. Thanks again. Live and Learn!



    There’s some horrible bug with the Autosave, but they say they’re working on it.

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