Can you keep part of your blog private?

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    I have a blog which is public I was ask wondering can you keep some posts / pages private which only friends can see, is it possible?


    The blog I need help with is


    You can password protect them and then only those that have the password would be able to see them, and once they enter the password, wordpress will place a cookie on their computer so they will not have to renter the password if they come back to the site (unless and until they delete their cookies).



    So it would mean you can only access it if you know the page address and password?

    So they wont get posted in the blog? or would they get posted on the blog but you would have to enter the password?



    They WILL get posted in the blog. Password protected pages and posts will be blank to the normal viewer with a password field where they would enter the password. Publish a password protected test post to see what I mean.



    Just wanted to say thanks to ‘thesacredpath’ as you have answered most of my questions over the last few days.



    You’re welcome.

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