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Can you let someone else post on YOUR blog?

  1. Is it possible to let someone else post on your blog? I want that to happen, however, when I test it out on someone else's blog it automatically goes to my blog. So, is there a little "allow" button that allows [username] to post on MY blog? Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    You or someone else can post on yours (Or someone elses) blog if you work their. as a Contrib, Author, Editor, Or Admin!.

    Each user role contains different privileges.
    Admins can do anything to the blog.
    Editors are liek admins, but they cant delete your blog or remove users. Edit css or theme. They can post and mod comments. Add to blogroll. Delete posts.
    Authors can post and mod comments on their post.
    Contribs can post, but you have to approve their post.

    To add users to your blog, go to
    Your Dashboard > Users > And add them at the bottom

    But if you have an admin or editor, and they delete your posts, wordpress wont fix this.


  3. Thanks!

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