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Can you link photos within a gallery to different pages within your blog?

  1. I have created an image gallery but can't seem to link each photo to a separate page within my blog. You can link individual photos to different parts of your blog, but can you link each separate image within a gallery? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since all the images in a Gallery are in the Media Library you should be able to insert any image from the Media Library in Pages and Posts as many times as you want - just insert from the Library

  3. That didn't really answer my question. I understand you can insert images into pages, but can you link each individual image within a created gallery to separate URL pages? I know you can link one image to a URL but unsure how to do within a gallery. Or can you only link the whole gallery to one URL?

  4. As far as the Gallery feature, not in its present iteration. Gallery images can currently link to None, Attachment page, or Media File. The last two are only available if you have turned off the default Photo Carousel in your Settings>Media.

    More here:

  5. individual image within a created gallery to separate URL pages?

    Each image in a Gallery has it's own full size page with a unique URL. Is that what you are asking about? That unique URL for an image could be referenced in another Post if you wanted.

  6. Thanks 'justjennifer' you have answered the question, I didn't think so,

    Many thanks!

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