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    Is it possible to move a post so that it appears more recent than another post? I know they are arranged chronologically, so I guess I’m wondering if there is a manual override to that? My blog is, and specifically, I’m referring to two posts: “What to do when banks and schools fail” and “Is the American Education System in Trouble?”. I would like to switch there places so that “What to do when banks and schools fail appears to come afterwards. I got into this mess because I started the “what to do…” post, and then had a thought to do the other post, so I saved the draft of the first. And even though I published “Is the american…” first, because I had started it second, it is showing up as being created after the other. Hope that makes sense… Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    If the posts have already been indexed and are appearing in Google search results changing the date stamps which is embedded in the post URLs is NOT advisable. Doing so will result in a “404” (page not found) for any reader who uses the original URLs.

    However, in your case the blog is new and your blog is not indexed by Google, and only 1 post has been indexed by Bing so you could change the date without creating more than one “404”.

    See >



    Thank you timethief! I am going to stick with your original suggestion and consider it “not advisable.” I basically understand what you are talking about, but it is beginning to go down a path that is out of my understanding, and if I don’t understand it well, I prefer not to mess with it. I appreciate your feedback!



    As only one post has been indexed by Bing , in this case, there would be little impact as you would create only a single “404”. However, as a rule of thumb never ever change URLs. :)



    thank you. And if I can pick your brain one more time, as I am a newbie to this whole process of blogging…where did you go to find that one post had been indexed by Bing?



    I used and that’s where I got the information from.



    Oh that is so cool! Thank you for your time and kindness!



    You’re welcome. BTW I’m a blogging tips blogger so if you click my username you will be in my blog and it has over 400 posts aimed at helping bloggers, especially, wordpress bloggers.


    if i may crash in

    timethief i checked mine with your link and as you can see its working with 2 but not yahoo which i have joined as well also if your you could check the ” more tools ” part for me

    The important stuff:
    ✓Your web server [] is working fine.
    ✓Your RSS feed is available.
    ✓Your robots.txt file is valid and allows search engines to index your content.
    ✓Your blog is indexed by Google (103 results). powered by

    ✓Your blog is indexed by Bing (3 results).
    ✓Your blog is a blog.
    For support please visit



    Your blog is working fine. The ismyblogworking site only provides the information for the indexing that Google and Bing do.

    For Yahoo use the site explorer >
    For how to use it click “learn More” on that page.


    sorry but there is no learn more


    i also have it set up with the code

    Yahoo! Site Explorer
    Example: <meta name=’y_key’ content=’3236dee82aabe064′>



    You can’t post code in the forum without posting it between backticks. Otherwise it doesn’t show up properly.

    If Google and Bing have indexed you, rest assured that Yahoo has as well; Yahoo is actually surprisingly better at it than Google is.


    @raincoaster and timethief

    ok thank you both for that , its just that in my dashboard contacts from all 3 never show up



    Righto and are we every off-topic here or what?

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