Can you make "post comment" button the first keystroke after typing comments?

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    Ever since the Facebook and Twitter features were added, the “post comment” button has been moved. For those of us that use the keyboard, it now requires six strokes of the Tab button to enter our comments.

    Can this “post comment” button be moved with admin privileges or is this something that WordPress is working on fixing?

    Thank you.
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    This is a great suggestion! (I’m among those that almost exclusively use the keyboard.)

    As to your question about moving the ‘post comment’ button, that can’t be done by users, even if you have administrative privileges. I’ll pass this suggestion along to our developers – we love to hear feedback from our users.



    Excellent–thank you!



    Well that change occurred fast!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Excellent work!!



    The button seems to have gone back to its original position since the Facebook/Twitter roll out, not for the better I might add.

    Additionally, the button now need to be hit or clicked twice.

    Are there plans to move the comment button to the first position after entering text? Please say ‘yes’! Thanks!


    It’s certainly something we’ll keep in mind. Thanks for all the feedback!



    Thanks Andrew. Why was it changed back?


    The new comments feature is going through a lot of testing and adjustments right now so things may be shifting around in the immediate future. One of those changes likely caused it.



    Thank you for the update. I’ll keep checking and watching for further updates.

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