can you migrate widget settings after migrating content?

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    I migrated my content from one blog to the other because I didn’t like the URL of my original blog.

    But the widgets and design didn’t retain. Is there a way to duplicate all my widget settings to the
    new blog? I spent a lot of time setting them up.

    Speaking of migration, is there a way to reroute traffic from one blog to the new one in case someone follows an old link to your blog?


    The blog I need help with is



    Customization such as widgets, theme, and various settings are not moved over when you import contents of one blog to another. Blog subscription and stats of the old site will not be reflected on the new site either.

    What you can export and import are:

    • Posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags
    • Media files uploaded on your site

    (If you change your site URL by adding or editing Custom Domain upgrade on your site, customization and settings will not be affected since the underlying * site does’t change)

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