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Can you move a post from one blog to another?

  1. Today, I started a new blog, RADIO DEMAGOGUES, which is in addition to my other two WP blogs, MICKEY MURPHY and OLDIE GOLDIES. Many of my posts on Mickey Murphy really now belong on RADIO DEMAGOGUES. Is there any way to move them there? Thanks. Mickey PS: If this is not possible, I tried to copy the text of one blog I want to move (copied from the edit window) and then paste it to my new blog. This did not work correctly. The text copied, but ended up in what appears to be double space in the edit window of Radio Demagogues. Obviously, I cannot use it that way. I also tried to copy the blog text of a post to MS Word, saved it in text format, and then tried to paste in the Radio Demagogue edit window for a new post. But it still came out double space. Surely, there is some easier way to get my old posts to my new blog rather than retyping all of them in. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Mickey Murphy

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Make a new Category, call it "New-Blog" or what ever - does not really matter - add the Posts you want to send to your new blog to the new Category - then Export the Posts but ONLY export the new category then import the file into your new blog. Clean etc.

    Keep in mind that you want to reduce the duplicate content but I would be reluctant to just delete the old Posts as that will give you a bunch of File not found 404 errors that will upset the search engines and those that have linked to you.

    The last time I did this I put a note in the old Post that the new address was so-and-so with a link to the new site and then I deleted the old content so if you went to the old link I gave you a reference to the new URL - the extra work sort of sucked and now I am getting some 404 problems with the old pictures I moved and deleted -

    good luck and keep spreading the word - I will need to check the new site out.

  3. Thanks Auxclass. I have printed out your instructions. I will now print out the WP info re exporting and try it. Appreciate your always valuable help. Mickey

  4. You be welcome

  5. Auxclass:

    Your instructions worked perfectly. I did exactly as you suggested, and then carefully followed the WP instructions. All of my blog posts that I wanted to transfer went over to my new blog without a hitch, and instantaneously. Amazing to me that this all works so smoothly. Thanks very much for your expert advice. So you can see how things look at my new blog, here is a link:

    Mickey Murphy

    PS: I am following your advice and leaving the original posts up on my first blog. This duplicates the articles, but I don't see how that would be bad. What I certainly want to avoid is confusing Google and other search engines that are linked to my old articles.

  6. The problem with duplicate articles is that Google will select one of the two in each case, which diminishes the chances of finding the new blog. If I were you I would do what auxclass suggested: delete the content of the old posts and replace it with a note that the content has been transferred to -> link to the new post.

  7. Thanks. Obviously, I didn't understand Auxclass's instruction completely. I will do what you suggest.

  8. Still confused (my normal state). Do you mean to entirely delete the old posts that I transferred to my new blog, and then to create a new blog post stating that, for example, the following posts – name, name, name – have been transferred to the new blog.

    I think this is what you mean, because if I delete the content of the old blogs, and then insert a note stating you can find this post at (new blog), I still have two blogs up on the Internet with the same titles.

    I tried something else: I deleted the content of a blog post and then substituted a note stating that the story has been transferred to my new blog. I then copied the blog address from the section at very top, but this did not create an electronic link to my new blog. So I don't know how to handle this either.

    Please advise.

    Maybe I would just do better deleting the entire posts. Auxclass said that created some 404 problems, whatever they are,. but maybe that is better than this other mess.

  9. No I didn't mean "entirely delete the posts", I meant what you did here (only I would make the URL clickable):

    Yes, if you do that you'll have pairs of posts with identical titles. So what? The (minor) issue is duplicate content, not duplicate titles. You think that when you title a post "What’s Up With WordPress?" there aren't any other sites with identically titled articles?

    404 means not found. It's the notice you get when a link doesn't work (among other reasons, because the item doesn't exist any more). Click this to see a 404 (I removed one n from "glenn"):
    Since the old posts you transferred have been indexed by Google, Google searches will return such 404s if you delete those posts entirely.

  10. Ok thanks. How do you make the URL clickable?

  11. By turning it into a link.

  12. again thanks

  13. You be welcome @mickeymurphy = sorry I missed a fine point on the changing the content of the Posts to not have duplicate content but keep the old title and URL

    Thanks @panaghiotisadam for helping fix my fuzzy instructions

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