Can you perform SEO on your blog?

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    I was just wondering how much SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) obe can perform on their blog. My blog is used for the local hockey club and need to get people finding the site via searches for “Cheltenham hockey”.

    I have just gone through and add a Cheltenham hockey tag to all the posts. Hopefully this will help.

    Is there anything else that could help?

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    SEO on the site is not allowed.

    If you want the blog to rank well for

    Cheltenham hockey

    then put Cheltenham hockey in the title and description as well as in some post titles and then get other people in the hockey club that have web sites to link to the front page using Cheltenham hockey as the link text.



    If you type “SEO” into the forum search box you will see what some of the wordpress developers think of SEO. This thread from the official wordpress blog is also interesting


    Yeah, realise you can’t do traditional SEO with these blogs. Will endeavour to put those suggestions into practice.




    Also, see my post about driving traffic to blogs here in the forums. I think you are doing a magnificent job within the constraints and are probably a good contendor in the UK Blogs category as well as in blog of the day.



    Don’t forget to use the category tags. You can make one specifically for Cheltenham Hockey.

    Quite seriously, WordPress is very good at getting noticed by Google and other search engines. I not infrequently outrank the websites I’m discussing (and link to) in my posts. My post about Lucy Gao out-googles the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, etc, etc. I don’t know what WordPress is eating but I’ll have some.


    Thanks everyone for the advice, I will check out all the suggestions and put them into action.




    Actually these blogs here are very well setup for SEO. Most everything that I would recommend has already been done. Titles with the URLs, categories, etc.

    When Matt stated that blogs for SEO purposes were not allowed, he was discussing folks (lets be honest – spammers) setting up blogs with bogus content and linking them to the real sites.

    The only real other thing i would be sure to do would be, as stated above, is make sure you’re using categories correctly. That’s a big plus.

    Plus there’s Lorelle’s FAQ on using tags within individual posts.

    Was there something you were trying to do specifically? Maybe that would help us nail down recommendartions. SEO is a mighty broad field.


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