Can you please check if there is a virus in my blog?

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    After I uploaded a pic taken from the Internet (I already removed it) I noticed that many words on my posts show a link to an advert “do you want to win an Iphone, easyline”. This never happened before. I appreciate you run adverts to pay the bills but I think this might be some sort of virus or malware. Could you please help or recommend any troubleshooting at all?

    Thanks for your help

    Aurora –
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    The blog I need help with is



    There are no such things as virus’ inside blogs. What you’re seeing is an addon that’s probably been added to your browser without you knowing it. Try disabling your addons and try it again.



    I don’t see that on your blog. You probably have either a virus on your particular computer OR you enabled some add-on to your browser that is doing this. There are a lot of them that say they’ll do one thing, like make your code clean or help you search, and they stick ads all over your blog. Only you can see them, though. I suggest running a virus scan and also disabling your add-ons till you find out which one it is that’s doing it.


    Thank you for your help guys, I think I have a virus on my computer, that’s it. Thanks again for your help, I am going to set this to solved..

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