Can you please tell me why I can't seem to fins my post revisions?

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    From what I found on the forums and help section…..Post Revision Dates should be listed below the post text box. The only thing showing up there is my last revision date and I can’t even click on it to try to get more information. I need to find it because somehow the post updated itself and I lost my final post to an older version. I was so embarrassed. I only hope no one read it. Thanks.
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    It might be that the “Revisions” checkbox in your Screen Options is unchecked. See here for more information about customizing these screens. Please note that the checkbox only appears when there are revisions post or page revisions.


    No. I have checked all the settings and tools. The box for revisions is checked. No one else has given me any solutions so I guess I’m just going to have to back everything up next time and it looks like I’m going to have to re-write the article, which sucks.



    It looks like there’s quite a few revisions that you could click on, then compare and replace.

    Please check this guide for instructions:

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