can you post a story to another page then the homepage?

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    I am setting up my site and I plan on having programs for people to download along with a podcast and some videos. I want to be able to post Downloads to a downloads page, the podcasts to the podcasts page (and possibly have a separate feed for the podcast) and the videos to a Media page on my site. It is ok if everything is posted on the homepage too but i want to be able to post the content to the appropriate page so it is easier to organize everything.

    Is there anyway of doing this or at least give the illusion that this is happening??



    At present there is no way to do this Automattic-ally.

    You can use categories to separate items out but if you want to put those lists onto pages you have to do it individually.

    There is not any way to get a list of anything (photos, categories, tags) that is numerous in the blog beyond posts, authors (widget stuff) and just copy/paste it into a page.

    Also you cannot just copy the links of a filtered list from the dashboard as that only takes you to the edit pages.

    Someday maybe us listophiliacs will get some satisfaction here.



    You can always tag or categorize your posts appropriately and make links in either a text widget (simple) or your header (more complicated) to those local tag or category pages. That will do it automatically, even though everything also gets posted to the main blog page at the same time.

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