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Can you produce "related posts" from my own blog?

  1. I know that you will produce three "related posts" from other blogs. I don't use this function, but I would use it if you produced only related posts from my blog. However, I can't find where and how you do this.

    I have written over 1,300 posts over the last three years so I know there would be plenty to choose from.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The related posts function looks for posts similar to yours on other blogs. At this time, you can't adjust it to pull only posts from certain blogs, including your own.

    I'm going to move this thread to the Ideas forum, as it may be something we could look into for the future, and perhaps others will like to weigh in.

  3. Thanks. Can you give me a link to that placement in "the ideas forum" so I can track any discussion that ensues?

  4. Obviously, you have this functionality already coded and working. All you'd have to do is restrict the search to the blog itself. That's about as small a tweak as one could imagine for a significant enhancement.

    Just to make it a little more interesting, allow the blogger to specify other blogs in addition to his or her own than could be searched.

  5. I'm with you on this long overdo feature. While waiting note that if you use the Firefox add-on for Zemanta you can then enter posts on your blog.

  6. Zemanta, when used as a browser add-on instead of in the dashboard, can be configured to pull from any blog or circle of blogs you want.

  7. Hi mikegantt,

    This post is now in the Ideas forum, so as long as you're following it you will continue to see the discussion here.

  8. @raincoaster
    Is my comment made 6 minutes before yours in the spam filter?

  9. @timethief,

    I can see your previous comment and it wasn't in spam.

  10. No, it's not, but it also didn't specify you can pull from not just your blog.

  11. @raincoaster
    Aha! Now I see why you posted. Thanks for clarification.

    P.S. Do you recall this thread and my response to the undercover testing that my blogs were scooped into without any notice to me or my permission?

  12. Interesting. I didn't recall that.

  13. As mikegantt said above:

    Obviously, you have this functionality already coded and working. All you'd have to do is restrict the search to the blog itself. That's about as small a tweak as one could imagine for a significant enhancement.

  14. Yes, but what we have here are competing goals. wants to use Zemanta to pull from the community, and increase interconnectivity, increase WP to WP traffic. What the bloggers want is to feature their own works. I understand both sides and suggest that they make this a paid upgrade. You can still work around it by using Zemanta as a browser add-on, but if you want to use it in the dashboard, say $30 a year should give you the ability to restrict it to your own blog or an arbitrarily chosen circle of up to 20 blogs.

    Does that make sense?

  15. Yes, but what we have here are competing goals.

    Yes, of course, I noticed the "competing goals" (snort). Just because the Firefox add-on exists now is not a guarantee it will exist in the future, so not I don't suggest yet another upgrade be introduced. What we need is already there.

  16. Hope this feature of pulling related blog posts from one's own blog happens soon.

    Lots of bloggers would cheer.

  17. @raincoaster, you said:

    Yes, but what we have here are competing goals.

    I don't think it's necessary or helpful to portray these goals as "competing." By that same logic, would not be allowing us to have a search box on our blogs that searches our blogs for fear that it would discourage interconnectivity with other blogs. Neither would it allow us to display our "Top Posts" or "Recent Posts." "Related Posts" would just be another way to help readers understand what your blog is saying. It would also encourage bloggers to post more often because they'd have to think less - and research less - about how much they should repeat themselves from previous posts.

    For some reason, I think you folks have a blind spot on this issue. As has been said, this would be a very easy and welcome enhancement for you to provide. Interconnectivity is not best achieved when individual blog functionality is restricted.

  18. I don't have a blind spot but thanks for your concern.

  19. timethief,

    I don't think you have a blind spot. I was writing that to raincoaster.

  20. For those who are interested, I installed the Chrome extension for Zemanta earlier today and have been working with it all afternoon.

    I find it easy to install and use. I can see why people would like it.

    However, when it provides related links from my blog, it only seems to pull from what's been published in the last month. I've been writing a blog a day for over three years so I'd rather see the search cover the entire body of work with the idea of pulling the most closely related posts, not necessarily the most recent.

    I am going to give Zemanta some more time before uninstalling it. It may be that it needs a few days to fully index a blog's contents. I can see, however, that their general bias would be toward the freshest content so I'm not expecting to see a change.

    As blogs mature and bloggers archive more and more of their own content, they are going to appreciate a "Related Posts" function that searches deep within their own blogs. Memory alone is not going to help when you're over a thousand posts. And manual searches with cutting and pasting links is just too tedious.

    Thanks for listening.

  21. Why do you think I'm staff?

  22. Because you seemed to be defending's position of denying the requested functionality.

    Did I misread your point of view?

  23. Alas, I've use Zemanta for three days now and find that it continues to pull only the most recent of my posts. Therefore, it would be more aptly described as an automated way to produce "Recent Posts" rather than "Related Posts."

    Again, Zemanta does not do a good job of searching one's blog to identify posts that are closely related in subject matter to the one you are writing. I wish it weren't so.

  24. Neither raincoaster nor I are Staff. We have both answered questions here for over 7 years. That's longer than almost all support Staff have even been on Staff lol :D

  25. P.S. Look up at jackiedana's username. Note that it's on a sliver colored background and has "Happiness Engineer". She's Staff.

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