Can you recommend a wp theme for a cancer support blog?

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    Hello there!

    I’ve been asked to launch a blog for breast cancer support/possibly fundraising. I am going to have many images, will profile one person on their journey. I would like to keep it breezy and inviting….

    I am pouring through the themes right now but if you have any theme you can recommend, premium or otherwise, I’d appreciate it greatly.

    Many cheers.

    The blog I need help with is



    There are feature filters you can use in the live demo site in the Themes Showcase here >



    If you’re interested in something kind of light & inviting, these might be attractive:

    Delicious: (Premium theme)
    Inuit Types:

    I really like Bueno & Spectrum, myself. To me, they feel open, inviting, and lively, but without too much overwhelming splashiness.



    I can’t make any suggestions based on so little information. That’s why I suggested using the feature filters.
    Color scheme for male person or female person?
    Dark color theme or light color theme?
    Custom header – yes or no
    Custom background – yes or no
    2 columns or 3 columns?

    Here’s a new theme >



    You guys are thoroughly great, thank you! Mmadfan, I’m pouring over your links right now. They are all so good!! Especially fond of linen…hmm.

    And, Timethief, my info was ridiculously vague, apologies. I don’t really have a clear idea yet on what it is going to look like so, yea. Makes it tricky.

    A few more details:
    The blog is for a woman.
    Yup, on a custom background and header.
    Definitely a light color.
    She is going to do a 3 day cancer walk so I want to track her progress with images.
    And a Donor Button widget for possible fundraising. Maybe that’s possible in all themes?

    Not sure on 2 columns or 3….I’m thinking 2. Maybe something magazine-style.

    And undecided what I think about that fruit-shake though it does make me hungry.

    Ta much again. :)

    Thanks again!



    I think since you want the focus to be on the person & her walk, then a two-column would help to focus on the blog entries & on the photos. A three-column might be a bit “busy.”

    I paused on the fruit shake, too — there’s something nice and attractive about it, but maybe I’m just hungry, too! lol

    When I’m in the right mood, I love being asked my completely subjective opinion about very vague subjects, so this was fun! ;P

    You’ll have to post a link to the blog somewhere — maybe the showcase — when you’ve got it up & running.

    Are there long-term plans for the blog? Something to bring it beyond the walk?



    Kindly don’t take this the wrong way but I do believe I love you! ;) You are just truly helpful and can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

    Anyway, I really don’t have long term plans but, I tell you, I seriously am tempted. I love volunteerism and wonder if I shouldn’t set up some sort of volunteered theme blog once the walk takes place. Hmm.

    I agree that three columns sounds cluttered…maybe even two is excessive. I’ll definitely link in showcase. I always feel bashful doing so but I’m sure I can get some helpful feedback. Hopefully from you too.

    Thanks again!

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