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Can you reply to feedback

  1. Hi I've received som feedback but I don't know how to reply to it as the only options I have is 'spam' & 'trash'

    If I replied via the notification email would my email be exposed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, if you email anyone then your email address becomes known to them.

  3. Ok I did figure that out, how do I then reply to feedback that's in the feedback section please? There's only spam & trash available.

  4. Ps as well as the above, I've been reading about emails....does wordpress have an email service. Ie can I send emails via I have a feeling this can't happen & you'd have to use an email provider and then hope you can have

  5. Sorry what am I looking at please?

  6. Don't worry: that was a spammer, now gone.

  7. Right, ok, can you answer my question please? I'm looking at the page of comment by email but I don't have that option ...why?

  8. By "feedback" do you mean a comment that you received from a person via that contact form?
    What I have done is to set up a free email, say gmail or hotmail, specifically for replies. Yes that is revealed to a stranger but I never use those emails for anything but blog replies. If someone gets annoying, I just eliminate the email.

  9. Yes I think so, I've found some but the only option I've got is spam or trash....

    I Thought you may say that, but I can't also find this in my settings, why is that.

  10. That is for replying to a comment someone made in the comment box at the end of a post or page. If you use that, then you don't have to log in to your blog account to reply—I personally don't use it, but it's supposed to save you the time it takes to log in to your blog. The comment on your blog is there, followed by your reply. Your email address is not revealed to the commenter.

    The contact form is for someone to make a private comment to you that is not posted on your blog. If you reply to that, then the commenter will see your email address. (That's why I use the free / disposable email accounts.) Neither the original comment, nor any reply will appear on your blog.

  11. Here is info about the contact form:

  12. Ok, so if this person has sent me a message but its in th feedback section where the only option is spam and trash, how do I answer..? Is this comment thing you refer too the way to reply without revealing my email addy? Sorry still slightly confused :(

    I've just, to be sure set up a new email address like you've suggested to be sure but I would appreciate you clarifying what I've asked above as I'm rather confused. Lol

  13. I don't want to give you wrong information. So tell me if the comment you got is on your blog somewhere publicly?

  14. See if I can describe this well ;-)

    Ok in feedback in your dashboard you have comments from people don't you? Underneath is options Spam & trash

    Is that described ok? If not shall have to do a screen cap for you

    Whilst I'm here I have set up a new email addy specifically for wordpress (incase this can't be sorted) and it says its it meant to come to me for confirmation or admins at wordpress?

  15. Sounds like you are changing the email account connected to your wordpress blog. You can do that, though you don't need to. When you make a comment on someone else's blog that will be the email they will see.

    The temporary emails I was talking about were for replying to messages sent via the contact form.

    To reply to one of those I copy the email address from the email (or from dashboard—>feedbacks (what you are describing) the email address is on the left).

    Then I paste the address into my hotmail, gmail, yahoo account and type out my response.

    That way when the commenter gets my email response he / she doesn't get any information (like my real email) connected to my wordpress account. Any further email conversation goes through that unconnected email address as well until I get to know the person.

  16. By the way, if you are changing the email connected to your WordPress, then do not delete that account! You'll need that to get to your blog.

  17. Ah right, so what you are saying is the reply would be from the email you set up specifically for wordpress...? Which is what you register in wordpress settings in your dashboard?

    This screencap should explain what I meant by feedback :)

  18. No, I'm saying just the opposite: set up a free email not associated with your WordPress account at all.

    Then you go to your feedbacks, and copy their email address from the commenter.

    Go to your free email and paste the commenter's email address in the "send to" box.

    Write your comment. Send. When your commenter gets your response he or she will see your free email address. He or she won't have access to your real email address, just the free one.

    You don't want strangers to have access to a real email address which is associated with accounts you've set up, that's why I am suggesting setting up a separate email.

    By the way, you should spam those Russian feedbacks.

    Also take down that picture because it does show some people's email addresses. This is a public forum and that information should stay private.

  19. Ok... Well first, yes I've deleted that photo....I wasn't sure on how to show you otherwise what I meant, by the way, how do you get that comment- thing in a reply back?

    I've set up a free acct...fancied having wordpress in the title tho, so hope that's ok?

  20. Having "wordpress" in the free email name is fine.

    To see a reply to a comment, just check the email account just the way you do for your real email. Don't delete that email account unless someone is getting nasty and you don't ever want to "speak" to them again.

    Thanks. The picture was good. And now it's gone so that is good too.

  21. Ok, so let me make sure I have this correct so I don't mess up.

    I copy & paste the persons comment, paste into a new email (In my new email I've just set up for that specific reason. Copy the email also and past that into To in the email message, then under their comment I've just pasted reply with mine?

    Then any replies come back to that email address - obviously rather than going to wordpress as they have been?

    Yes well this person has been giving me a little hassle but he's been getting in touch via wordpress Facebook etc so hopefully this will put a stop to that after what I say.

  22. Yes. That's exactly right.

    Of course he already has your other email, but you cannot do anything about that. Just start using the new one.

    And you can use the same email account for others who get in touch with you. In future new commenters will know only the free email address.

    You'll be safer on the internet…
    Happy blogging

  23. Sorry, what other email do you refer too...the one that's registered with wordpress (like the one where this notification came from?) thought was private?

    Yes, exactly from idiots/creeps like this person! Thank you

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