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Can YOU see a picture on my page?

  1. Would somebody please check and tell me if you can see a picture I posted on a page or if you see a box with a red X in it instead?

    I can see the picture from my home computer. I can see it when I am logged in and when I am logged out. BUT my work computer shows box with a red X. So I asked a friend to check, from a computer across the country and they saw only the little box with a red X.

    If you see a box with a red X, please tell me what I did wrong. And why can I see it from one computer but not another? And why are others apparently seeing a red X as well.

    page is and then click on the Look tab at the top of the page.

  2. Like it will really help if you posted the link to the article/page you uploaded the picture to. I, for one, don't feel like clicking on every post till I find a 'red x' or something similar to a broken image.

  3. I clicked on the first link and got this error message: " Sorry, no attachments matched your criteria." I clicked on the second link and saw an image hosted by flickr
    My conclusion is that you have not linked the first one correctly.

  4. Oh man, I feel stupid... the page name is right there. Don't mind me first message.

    The path to your image is:

    If you paste that in your address bar, you'll see a 404 — File not found. message. It seems the file doesn't exist on the server. Perhaps you deleted it by accident? If you can see it at home, you're probably seeing a cached version of the file.

  5. @devblog
    No problem. Sometimes I can't see what's right before me either. ;)

  6. I think I fixed it. I uploaded the photo again. Would you mind checking one more time?

  7. Sure. I see the first image on your Look page and I see the second one linked to flickr. Good job. Problem solved. :)

  8. Yep, there it is. It's the same as your avatar.

  9. Thank you! That's what I was trying to do.

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