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Can you see my YouTube videos?

  1. Hey i dont know if people can see my YouTube videos, the YouTube box just stays white for me, does it stay white for you to or can you actually watch the video?

    Also, i cant edit my posts that have YouTube videos in them, any help would be appreciated, Thank You!

  2. What a good way of getting people to visit your blog?! ;)

    Yes, I can see the vids just fine.

  3. The YouTube problem is one I've dealt with for a long time. Actually, most of the time it's an issue with your own computer, not YouTube. Sometimes it is them, though.

    Try doing a restart and you should be able to see the videos. I don't know why it works, but it generally does. I notice it happens more when there are a lot of videos on a given page, but it's hard to predict.

  4. Oh yes, and you won't be able to edit the posts until you do that, either. Well, sometimes you get the basic editor, rather than the visual editor, but sometimes you can't get anything. Restart and go from there.

  5. @ Raincoaster>> Thanks, will do that!

  6. I can see it. I don't post them anymore on mine because it would slow it down or not show up at all. Now I just place the link.

  7. You're losing hits, nosy. I never click on those links, and I prefer blogs that have the videos installed. I get maybe a quarter of my readers through the Video tag or searches for particular videos, so to me it's important to offer the video itself. I have maybe half a dozen on any given page, and while the YouTubes take awhile to come up, the page itself loads just fine. You get a pause till the white boxes turn into videos, but it's only a few seconds.

  8. I too am having trouble!!!! CAN ANY1 SEE ANYTHING???

    This is what I have used:


    please help.....

  9. That's the right code, and I went to the page; it seems to work fine on the page. But now, I can't see the video on your page at all. I'd suggest you delete the post entirely, then re-post, being sure to use the link given in the BOX on the YouTube page, above the Embed code. I think you're doing it right, but when in doubt, do it over.

  10. Post not found.

    Do note that Javascripts are stripped from all user input for security concerns which is why this isn't working either.

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