Can you shut down someone else’s blog?

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    Someone keeps threatening us that they will shut down our blog, JUST because we have something on our site, and they have one too. Is that even possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    If it is copyrighted by them, then they could file a DMCA violation notice and staff would likely make you remove it. If it isn’t something that they actually created, then they have no rights to it.


    Well we made ours on our own (its a tool bar from conduit) and have had it since before their site was even out.


    You can always hire lawyers and fight it out in court then.



    Threats and demands to shut down blogs happen all the time.

    Staff set the rules[1]. Staff decide when they have been broken. Staff decide what action to take. No one else.

    Staff are not there to settle arguments between bloggers.

    [1] One of those rules is, it’s your responsibility to make sure your content is legal and doesn’t infringe copyright.

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