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Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer ?

  1. Well I go to a resort or on tour with this choir I'm part of every year for a week.. and no computers or gadgets apart from a cellphone allowed so I guess I can, but only once a year.. this is kinda cool, I might do it..

  2. Could you do me a favour, Mark? Could you not talk about this one? I'm TEACHING BLOGGING THAT DAY AND THAT WOULD MAKE IT REALLY HARD.

    And I'm cranky enough already.

  3. Why are they making it on a weekend? Make it on a Week DAY. When most folks work for someone ELSE :)

    That day I could go without a computer.

  4. Rain stats will be spectacular May 3rd. hahaha

  5. Shut up. I'm teaching and then I'm doing what any good blog friend would do; picking up a bottle of bourbon and some mint and watching the Derby and then passing out while making comments on kstaff's blog. Like you have something better to do?

    I shall wear a fancy hat, too.

  6. Have went 3 weeks without computer/internet recently while on an overseas holiday. It was a good change from going on the internet on a daily basis.

  7. i went 3 weeks without a computer at home because it was spoiled (my fault, sigh). it was TORTURE.

    i could only do it if i had something planned for the day.

  8. I've been known to go weeks without turning on my computer, but choice. The first few days are difficult, but after a while I end up having a hard time turning it back on and only spend a few minutes here and there on it for quite some time afterward.

  9. lettershometoyou

    When I go on holiday, I check email every few days, but that's it. No cellphone unless for emergencies, don't own a blackberry thank God. And because I work in the news, I don't read newspapers, watch TV or even listen to the radio, so I get the feeling I'm completely away from the office. It works.

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