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Can you swap blog URLs within the same user account?

  1. Hi --

    I have a couple of smaller blogs, including I have recently migrated a large Movable Type blog over to a test site. The test blog is at a dummy site name (e.g. It looks like the migration has been succesful so I'd like to move it into "production", which includes giving it a more permanent name.

    Since I already have, I'd like to use that URL. However I have a bunch of configuration and customizations, including purchased theme, on the site so I don't want to reproduce that work. Is there a way I can swap those names?

    Alternately, can I rename, thus freeing up the felciano prefix, and then renaming using "felciano" instead? In particular, how quickly will that URL be available once I "release " it? I'm concerned that this is like domain names where if you let them lapse even for a short time there is a reasonable risk that a squatter will grab it.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just a note on"releasing" a name - if you mean deleting a name then that name would be gone forever even from you - DON'T DELETE A BLOG NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't ever get it back -

    You can move the content with export and import - you should be able to have the staff move the upgrades to the "real" site - there is a "change name" feature but I don't know if that would work where you already have the domain name -

  3. godsexandmanifestation

    I'm just not seeing how to add a name to my bog. Ideally, I'd like to have several names I use depending on the part of my life I'm writing about. I have two already and would now like to combine them under my own name, which is available. Where is that darn button that lets me add a domain? thank you!

  4. You mean you want to have one blog with a whole variety of domain names, and use each according to the type of post it is? I don't know of any system that's possible in.

    Just use Categories.

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