Can you Syndicate latest post to a webpage?

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    I have a web site with a php home page and would like to have a portion of my latest blog post (Title and about 80 characters of the contnet) posted there with a link off to my blog. Is this possible?



    I think you’re looking for RSS.



    I think the question was straight forward, and I would like to know as well. I too hav a php web site and I would like to embed the latests post from my wordpress blog automatically without having to manually copy and paste the content to my site. If you actually have a solution to offer, comments are appreciated, speculative comments will be ignored.



    The answer was fairly straight forward too. blogs use Really Simple Syndication. You can get an aggregator on your self-hosted site to pull the RSS feed from your blog and display wherever you need.

    There’s two things to be aware of:

    1. If you are using the simply to drive traffic to your self-hosted website you might want to look at the Terms Of Service at
    2. As you want to pull information from to an external source, I’m sorry, but this isn’t really a problem. We only have knowledge of here and if everything is functioning properly then there’s not really much we can do to help.

    You might want to try asking at a web-design forum such as or similar.

    What does confuse me though, if you have a self-hosted website, why are you using for your blog? You would be much better off using the downloaded software from on your site. You then have full control over the software and no restrictions on what you can and can’t do.

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