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Can you totaly disable comments - so there isn't even a link to leave one?

  1. I searched - can't find any question like this one.

    I am looking for a way to use wordpress to create a website - but not have any option to leave comments. I havn't seen an option like that in the dashboard.

    Would I have to edit a theme to do something like that? Is it even possible? I know it defeats the purpose of a blog to some extent but until a month ago I had never tried wordpress and now I love it so much I want to convert part of my current website to use wordpress but I don't want anyone commenting.

    thanks in advance!!

  2. Look in your dashboard under Options - Discussion. There is a checkbox there for "allow people to post comments on the article" Try unchecking that.

    Also - you can do it in the box on the right in the Write screen. That only affects the one post, though.

  3. The first method Vivian mentions is correct for turning them off sitewide. The only thing you're going to get stuck with though is a 'Comments are closed" line after your posts. Hope you don't mind. :)

  4. Yeah... I knew I could do that stuff - kinda wanted to remove even that reference if possible. I appreciate the suggestions though!!!

  5. To do that, you would have to host your blog and edit your theme. Since we share the themes here across the servers, it can't be done.

  6. Would there be a way to edit a theme to remove even that reference? I'm very new to WordPress but I can stumble my way through the php and css files if I could do it that way.

  7. Yes, but we don't have access to the theme source code here at We run a different version than the normal WordPress called WordPress MultiUser. To run regular WordPress, you need to be over here and find yourself a host for your blog.

    To remove that line, it's a simple matter of editing the comments.php file for your theme and replacing "Comments are closed" with a single space to get rid of it.

  8. thanks drmike - thats what I needed to know!!

  9. drmike - bblf IS hosted. If you look at the blog it's just a placeholder to go to a domain hosted wp install...

  10. *shrug* Could have sworn I looked at the site.

  11. bblf says on his blog: - this (blog) was just created so I could ask a support related quesitons.

    That's quite a reason!

  12. sneaky, eh?

  13. The only thing you're going to get stuck with though is a 'Comments are closed" line after your posts.

    Isn't that theme dependent? For example, Regulus doesn't seem to show that (remembering my earlier question regarding closing comments)

  14. Vivian, yes, and, if your self hosted, you can edit it fairly easy. It's in plain site in the comments.php file of most themes. It's just a matter of replacing the text with what you want or even an empty space to have nothing display.

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