Can you transfer a purchased bundle to another user?

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    I bought a bundle and don’t want to blog anymore. It expires in 6 months. A friend has a wordpress blog- can the purchase be transferred to their wordpress account?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can transfer the bundle to another user, but first the user must be an Administrator on the blog the bundle is applied to.

    You can invite the user via Users -> Invite New in the blog’s Dashboard.


    Okay thank you. The user was made an administrator of the blog the bundle will be transfered too. Do you need any more info or things done?

    Thank you SOOOO much!



    Oh, sorry, I left out an important step. The user needs to be made a user on the blog that currently has the bundle too.

    Then, I’ll transfer the bundle and domain to that user, and the user can let us know which blog they want the bundle and domain moved to.


    They don’t want/need the domain. Just the bundle. Is that a problem? So the bundle would be transfered to theeletterj.



    Ok, I can transfer the bundle without the domain too, but they still need to be made a user on the blog with the bundle first. :)


    Great! Thanks again. I added him as an admin of the blog that has the bundle. So we are both admins on both right now.



    Ok, I have transferred the bundle to the other user as requested.

    Now all I need is that user to reply to this thread stating which blog the upgrade needs to be moved to.



    Hello. The blog upgrade should be transferred to Thank you very much.



    I have transferred the upgrade as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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