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Can you un-suspend my account?

  1. Is it possible for you (WordPress people) to somehow un-suspend my account called "rafalchmiel" because its such a good name while I'm called Rafal Chmiel. I know you can't un-suspend blogs but what about accounts? Whenever I (try to) login to my account I get a message saying "Site Suspended." and I can't login. I just want my username back.


    Rafal Chmiel,

  2. All my accounts are showing as suspended today. Is there a problem with the Word Press system?

  3. They suspended it couple of months/weeks ago and I just wanted to make a blog today and have seen that the username "rafalchmiel" is taken and I remembered that I made an account but they suspended it! So now, I want to take it back. I'v read lots of articles about blogging platforms and tried to choose something else like Blogger but I didn't like it. So I want my WordPress username back!!! Please!!! Becuase WordPress, you're the best (sadly).

  4. Just talked to my hosting sight, they were the ones who suspended our account due to a huge problem in one of my sites. So... this is not related! :o)

  5. Contact staff via the Support link below. Nobody in the forums can help you.

  6. What link?


    The one that says 24/7 support.


    Search for anything then scroll down and click the "no" button and the contact form will appear.

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