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can you upload badges to the themes?

  1. from what I understand, upgrading to css editor, only allows access to css. but can I upload badges (such as facebook, myspace badges) to the sidebar of the theme?

    i am under the impression that I cannot because html code snippet is part of these badges and blogs dont' allow me to access the core html files?

  2. You don't need an upgrade to use badges: you just put them in a text widget.

  3. You can use html in a text widget. Flash, javascript and iframes get stripped out.

  4. where can i actually edit the widget itself? sorry- very new to .com version. been used to using .org version.

  5. When you drag the widget into your sidebar, click on the part that looks like a sheet of paper. This will open it up for editing; you'll see the space where the title goes and the space below as well. You have to use code; there is no Visual Editor option. To save changes, click the X in the corner of the widget, then hit "Update" and all should be well.

  6. Oh. Duh. Thx.

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