Can you use [archives] and limit it to one Category?

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    I use [archives] for one Page and it lists all the posts on my blog, works fine.

    I would like to do another Page where I can use [archives] for only one category, is it possible?

    If no straight forward way to do it is there a work around?

    Like is it possible to export all the posts in one category but not from any others? Then I could make a new blog, export the category to that one, then use [archives] there and just link to it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. The only workaround I know is to use the RSS Widget along with the RSS Feed for your category (example
    But that will display the posts on the widget area (sidebar, footer, etc.)



    I tried that and it worked but it is limited to 20 titles only and I have 200+ posts in the category.



    Why would you not just use a Category page?

    If you literally want every post in that category on one page, you’ll have to write a static page by hand, and keep it updated.


    Thank you for offering help.

    I am already doing that, but I got behind and suddenly a year went by and I have 30 titles to add to it and thought there has to be an easier way.


    So besides wishing the Happiness engineers at WordPress would add an Option to filter what goes on the [archives] by category, which I suspect they may be able to do because they do have an Option to filter by dates, the following is what I actually did.

    I went to Export and blessed be the Happiness engineers, you can export and filter by Category which I did to a different blog.

    I retitled the Uncategorized category to Poetry since that is the only thing I need and it will default make it so.

    I made a new page and used the [archives] shortcode so I now had a indexed list of all the Poems posted to date.

    I then went back to my main blog and on the Page where I had previously tried futilely to manually update links to the individual poems I made a Link to the Index page on the new blog.

    FYI, one reason I got discouraged from manually updating the links on the main blog was because there were always these anomalies and difficulties and it never seemed to work with the links the first time and I would have to mess with it over and over to get it right. Some glitch in the word processing software that was a real hassle.

    Now the problem is how to keep the Index updated. It would be nice if the new blog had a feed aggregator to automatically take the new post in the Poetry category, but it seems that feature is not available on

    So I made a Press This bookmark for the new blog. Now when I post a new poem, I will have to open the post and select the poem, then use the Press This bookmark.which pops open a window, I hit publish and it automatically posts on the new blog, where it is automatically added to the index page.

    Still a bit of a chore but way easier that making a link that got messed up half the time anyway.

    So still wishing wordpress would add a category filter to [archives] shortcode options.

    Another nice feature would be to sort it in either descending or ascending order.

    The trouble with blogging an ongoing series of events, like a trip, is that they post in reverse order to when they happen, i.e. the latest post shows first and you have to go way back to follow it in chronological order.

    If a category could be filtered into Page using [archives] and ordered ascending, then someone could easily follow the trip log in the order it occurred.

    Could someone please get me that for Christmas? :-)

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